Yearly Archives: 2016

What is the current situation in Denmark? Do we lack it competences – or not? If I look at the news flow from May, I was informed that Intel is closing their development center and firing 250 employees in Northern Jutland. On the other hand, Microsoft is working on establishing a data center in Denmark, […]

In autumn this year, Conscensia will be celebrating its 10th birthday. 10 years of hard work and dedication have made us into one of the market’s most experienced and reliable partners for nearshoring solutions. With pride, we can look back on 1.620.000 hours of software development, 300 developers, a rich history in a number of […]

Sharing economy is becoming increasingly popular. You probably know the companies Uber and Airbnb, which are very successful in using the sharing economy concept. Sharing economy has also spread to software development in terms of crowdsourcing. By using crowdsourcing, many companies share the same developers, as the development projects are presented at a software development […]

It is no secret that many companies lack software developers. Innovation is necessary when growth slows, because companies are unable to find qualified candidates for their job positions. Therefore, many companies choose to outsource parts of their software development, as a solution to their recruitment challenges. Conscensia is passionate about helping these companies find talented […]

Conscensia has decided to give four grants to students in Ukraine to support the future professionals of the IT industry. The faculty of Computer Science Program in Lviv Catholic University (CS@UCU) opened in 2015 and the faculty has about 40 students today. Naturally, students attend their classes, but they have also established many special clubs […]

We have just passed 1,000 followers on LinkedIn! LinkedIn is an important communication platform for Conscensia, as it enables us to share news and updates about the outsourcing industry and Conscensia with our followers.