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I often meet the assumption that a sourcing partner is an additional expense that diminishes the economic advantage of outsourcing software development. The thought is in itself not unreasonable: How can adding a supplier (and their margins) be an economic advantage? Moreover, when is a company better off arranging the outsourcing themselves?

It pays to decide whether you want to spend your time doing what is important or doing what is urgent. In a world that is changing at a pace that has never been seen before, it can be quite challenging working with software development. Business is calling for new functionalities and services and demanding them […]

Let me make one thing clear. This blog is not political. I have not become a member of a certain political party, just as I’m not either for or against nationalistic or protectionist industrial policies. On the contrary, I want to look at the choice between a Danish or a foreign outsourcing partner from a […]

About one month ago, Jens Brinksten (CEO of KMD in Poland) published an article at the Danish Computerworld with the headline ”There is too much carelessness with sourcing – do the preparatory work properly”. In the Danish article, Jens Brinksten lists a number of critical topics that many businesses neglect before starting souring, in his […]

We have just celebrated our 10-year anniversary! Ten years ago, we established our first development center in Ukraine along with our first client Spar Nord Bank. During the festivities with our colleagues and clients, we heard entertaining stories from the good old days: How we had the first job interviews in a meeting room at […]

During my Summer vacation, I usually have extra time to read the news. On an August morning while having my first cup of coffee, I took notice to the news in the Danish newspaper “Berlingske” with the headline “EU gives Denmark high scores in innovation”. The article explained that the report “European Innovation Scoreboard”, which […]

What is the current situation in Denmark? Do we lack it competences – or not? If I look at the news flow from May, I was informed that Intel is closing their development center and firing 250 employees in Northern Jutland. On the other hand, Microsoft is working on establishing a data center in Denmark, […]

Sharing economy is becoming increasingly popular. You probably know the companies Uber and Airbnb, which are very successful in using the sharing economy concept. Sharing economy has also spread to software development in terms of crowdsourcing. By using crowdsourcing, many companies share the same developers, as the development projects are presented at a software development […]

I would like to apologize! In the fall of 2015, we announced that Conscensia planned to open a development center in Romania. The news reached a Romanian newspaper, which they shared with their readers. The coverage resulted in hundreds of emails from people offering carpets, telephone services, desks, cleaning services and job applications for office […]