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Many IT companies desperately lack software developers. In Denmark, we often hear news stories about IT companies that have to reject business opportunities, because they are unable to find software developers with the required competences. One solution to the above challenge is to establish a development team abroad! When a company evaluates whether or not […]

For the fourth year, the city Lviv in Ukraine hosts the biggest IT Event in Eastern Europe from September 29th – October 1st. Conscensia shows our support and dedication to the IT industry by being a Gold Sponsor and an exhibitor at the event. IT Arena gathers developers, investors, start-ups and IT companies, and there […]

Congratulations to our delivery managers Halyna Shporlyuk and Zoriana Drapaylo and VP of Global Delivery Line Milthers, who are now certified Cultural Intelligence Facilitators! Cultural intelligence is the foundation of communicating and cooperating successfully across different cultures. When communicating and cooperating across cultures we tend to look at and interpret what people from other cultures […]

IntraVision is a Danish company, which specializes in calendar and planning software for IBM and Microsoft platforms. One of their very successful planning products called OnTime has more than 600,000 users worldwide. IntraVision chose to outsource parts of their software development, because it is easier to find the right software developers abroad. CEO in IntraVision, […]

Congratulations to Zoriana and Olena with their 10 years anniversary at Conscensia! Zoriana and Olena were some of our first developers in Ukraine back in 2007, when they were hired to work for our first client Spar Nord Bank. It was a day full of celebration at the office in Lviv with flowers, gifts and […]

Back in 2015, Conscensia decided to establish a development center in the capital of Romania Bucharest. The initial steps for the center was taken in the fall of 2015; the office location was found, the management hired and the recruitment of the first developers for one specific partner started. After a slow start, primarily due […]

The Christmas season is unique at Conscensia. Although we celebrate Christmas on different dates in Denmark and in Ukraine – we share the same values – Christmas is about caring for others and spending time with family and friends. At our office in Ukraine, our employees have been acting as Secret Santas, giving a specific […]