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Customer satisfaction is the guiding star in managing, monitoring and improving our business here at Conscensia. In the Customer Satisfaction survey that we performed in December of 2014, 94% of our customers rated the quality of our cooperation and services as either excellent, very satisfactory or satisfactory.

Conscensia invited all employees to a Christmas celebration with traditional Danish Christmas treats. Conscensia started the celebration of Christmas for our employees in November. We have a tradition of playing the game “Secret Santa”, where each employee has a Secret Santa for 2 weeks. The Secret Santa (a colleague) surprises another colleague with small gifts […]

When Saxo wanted to hire frontend- and backend-developers, it was difficult to find employees with the right competences in Denmark. Instead, they chose to hire the employees in Ukraine, and today they have 3 software developers in Ukraine working from Conscensia’s development center in Lviv. Despite the geographical distance, the Ukrainian developers are fully integrated […]

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Ole Aarøe to Sales Manager at Conscensia, where he will maintain and develop the corporation with our clients, as well as introducing our services to potential new clients in Denmark. Ole will work from our office in Glostrup, in the Copenhagen area.

Over the last few months, we have enhanced our Ukrainian organisation with 1 new hire and 1 promotion. Nataliya Kyrnychna has been appointed General Manager and she will work from our Lviv office. Nataliya will also visit our Kiev office from time to time, so our employees in the capital can enjoy Nataliya’s company as […]

At the beginning of September 2011, Morten Sylvest, Team Leader at Autocom, visited the company’s development team in Vietnam. He felt he came close to the developers, and the visit gave him an insight into Vietnamese culture and attitude to work.