Congratulations to our delivery managers Halyna Shporlyuk and Zoriana Drapaylo and VP of Global Delivery Line Milthers, who are now certified Cultural Intelligence Facilitators!

Cultural intelligence is the foundation of communicating and cooperating successfully across different cultures. When communicating and cooperating across cultures we tend to look at and interpret what people from other cultures do through our own “cultural glasses”, often leading to a biased view and judgements about what is right and wrong.

Being culturally intelligent simply means that we are aware of not only the “other” culture, but also our own culture. That we are aware that there is no such thing as doing things right or wrong – rather, we are simply doing things differently.

Conscensia focuses on training our employees and clients in cultural intelligence, as having cultural insight helps avoid misunderstandings by working around potential issues proactively and without prejudice.

Pernille Hejle Pedersen
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