Meet Olena

Meet Olena

Name: Olena
Job position: Business Intelligence Developer
Age: 34
Education: Masters Degree in Applied Linguistics and Computer Science (English, German and IT)
Residence: Lviv, Ukraine
Interests: Going to the mountains to snowboard with my husband and two sons, playing piano and travelling.
Joined Conscensia: 2007

1. Please describe the responsibilities in your current job position?

I have been working as a BI developer for the same Danish client for the past 10 years at Conscensia, which is quite unusual for developers. In my daily work, I make database design, data flow organisations, workflows and scheduling of data processes, data analysis and statistics. I also make customized reports for our client’s employees in various departments e.g. finance or HR.
I work in a team with three Ukrainian developers and three Danish developers. We use SCRUM processes and have daily video meetings via Skype. When you have colleagues across borders, the SCRUM process is very good and useful in terms of sharing knowledge and maintaining a good structure in our work processes. It is easy to see the process, your responsibilities and you get immediate feedback from your colleagues in Denmark.

2. What do you like best about your job?

I like many things about my job. I like my colleagues and the team spirit we have. I appreciate the possibility to develop different skills in business intelligence and in software development. I constantly learn new things and learn how to use new technologies and different kinds of software applications and I enjoy using my language skills. To sum it all up, I thrive when I have the chance to develop myself both professionally and personally.

3. How would you describe Conscensia as a working place?

I like working for Conscensia because we have a friendly atmosphere at the office, I have great teammates, good working conditions and a competitive salary. When I went to the job interview at Conscensia 10 years ago, the CEO talked about the Danish spirit – and that a Danish manager welcomes communication and open talks, where you can express your opinion and speak your mind. I was very intrigued and decided to accept the job offer, which I have not regretted for one second.

4. What motivates you in your job?

Appreciation of the result I give and the feeling of giving value to the client are important to me. It is a huge motivational factor when I know that my solutions and results make a difference to our client’s employees, and it makes their tasks easier. Also, my teammates motivates me – it is nice to come to work with a smile on my face – as my workplace almost feels like home after 10 years.

5. Why have you chosen to work for a Danish sourcing company?

At Ukrainian companies, there is often a management style, where you do not listen to employees with lower ranks. At meetings with our Danish client, it is not usual that the head of IT sits down with subordinates and asks for their advice. My thoughts and opinion matters to both my colleagues and management, and I value the opportunity to express them highly.