Are you planning to find the right IT specialists abroad? Or are you outsourcing already?

Either way, we are confident that ITB’s next seminar is beneficiary for you. On Thursday May 4th, the Danish IT Industry Association and Conscensia focus on how to handle the legal aspects, the supplier relationship and the cultural differences, when you cooperate with foreign businesses.

Relevant presentations prepares you for the world of outsourcing

Line Milthers from Conscensia presents our Remote Team Management guidelines for getting a successful cooperation between the Danish company and their sourced employees.

Attorney Martin Jørgensen from Confederation of Danish Enterprise tells about how EU’s personal data protection directive matters, when you enter an agreement with a foreign company.

Attorney Christel Teglers from Kromman Reumert enlightens you on the legal aspect of outsourcing and what to expect from both Danish and foreign suppliers.

Last, but not least, you will hear about the cultural differences, which can affect the cooperation between two companies in a globalized world from Chief Consultant Kasper Jelsbech Knudsen from Living Institute. Also, author and anthropologist Dennis Nørmark tells about cultural understanding within the business sphere, and how the meeting between different cultures becomes an advantage and not a hindrance.

There is free admission. Check out the agenda and sign up here!

Congratulations to Zoriana and Olena with their 10 years anniversary at Conscensia!

Zoriana and Olena were some of our first developers in Ukraine back in 2007, when they were hired to work for our first client Spar Nord Bank. It was a day full of celebration at the office in Lviv with flowers, gifts and naturally cake for everyone. Continue reading

Let me make one thing clear. This blog is not political. I have not become a member of a certain political party, just as I’m not either for or against nationalistic or protectionist industrial policies. On the contrary, I want to look at the choice between a Danish or a foreign outsourcing partner from a social responsibility perspective – what I call responsible sourcing.
You can buy sourcing services all over the world. It is especially suitable within IT development as the product is digital. Distances are irrelevant – differences in time zones can sometimes be a an advantage. Programming language and processes are often so standardized that there may be a greater mental distance between the developers on different platforms, than between developers of different nationalities (and vice versa). Continue reading

julehyggeThe Christmas season is unique at Conscensia. Although we celebrate Christmas on different dates in Denmark and in Ukraine – we share the same values – Christmas is about caring for others and spending time with family and friends.

At our office in Ukraine, our employees have been acting as Secret Santas, giving a specific colleague small presents and surprises during December. All Secret Santas were revealed at the “Secret Santa Party”, an afternoon full of Christmas Spirit and Danish Christmas treats such as the Danish cake “apple slices” and mulled wine (called “æbleskiver” and “gløgg” in Danish). Continue reading

Csia_medarbejdere_700x500_7About one month ago, Jens Brinksten (CEO of KMD in Poland) published an article at the Danish Computerworld with the headline ”There is too much carelessness with sourcing – do the preparatory work properly”. In the Danish article, Jens Brinksten lists a number of critical topics that many businesses neglect before starting souring, in his opinion.

It is a good article, but contrary to Jens Brinksten, I meet many companies that HAVE prepared and done their homework of what they want to accomplish with sourcing – just as KMD evaluated their position before deciding that having their own KMD development center in Poland was the right decision for them, instead of sourcing. Continue reading

billede_10-aar-med-spar-nordEven though you are a local bank in Denmark, it will benefit your business to work internationally according to Spar Nord Bank. 10 years ago, the Danish bank decided to hire Ukrainian developers, as one of the first banks in the financial sector in Denmark. Spar Nord concludes that their decision to outsource was the right one, even though it at times felt like shaky grounds. Continue reading