Every year, we celebrate Conscensia’s birthday with our employees – to show our gratitude for their work and dedication throughout the year.

Last weekend, we celebrated our 11th birthday in the Carpathian mountains. Despite heavy rain showers – all employees showed true joy and enthusiasm –and we ended up having several hours of fun teambuilding activities together, as well as dinner and dancing in the evening.

As a special surprise for our developers, our clients surprised them with birthday greetings and photos.

We have the best clients and employees!

Last week Conscensia hosted guests from Norway, who came to Lviv on an inspirational trip organized by NUCC, ICT Norway and Conscensia.

After visiting IT Arena, the delegation visited our office and discussed Ukrainian economy and Norwegian-Ukrainian relations. Our guests were highly interested in our Delivery Managers’ presentations. Zoryana Drapaylo talked about Cultural Differences – a broad overview on how and why cultural intelligence is crucial to success in a diverse environment. Yaroslav Rozhankivskyy gave a presentation on “Responsible Sourcing: a third way to success,” a brief on a model which combines the advantages of having one’s own staff and traditional consulting, keeping key benefits from both approaches. Continue reading

For the fourth year, the city Lviv in Ukraine hosts the biggest IT Event in Eastern Europe from September 29th – October 1st.

Conscensia shows our support and dedication to the IT industry by being a Gold Sponsor and an exhibitor at the event. IT Arena gathers developers, investors, start-ups and IT companies, and there will be speakers from Airbnb, Telenor, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, Bayer (Berlin), Tech Crunch, Indiegogo and much more…. Continue reading

Are you planning to find the right IT specialists abroad? Or are you outsourcing already?

Either way, we are confident that ITB’s next seminar is beneficiary for you. On Tuesday October 10th, the Danish IT Industry Association and Conscensia focus on how to handle the legal aspects, the supplier relationship and the cultural differences, when you cooperate with foreign developers and businesses abroad. Continue reading

Congratulations to our Sales Manager Frederik Åkesson!

In recognition of an impressive hockey career and a dedicated player on the Danish national hockey team, Frederik Åkesson was inducted to Danish Hockey’s Hall of Fame on June 9th 2017. The award was provided by the Danish Hockey Union at the Danish Hockey Awards 2017 in Herning Congress Center.  Continue reading

Congratulations to our delivery managers Halyna Shporlyuk and Zoriana Drapaylo and VP of Global Delivery Line Milthers, who are now certified Cultural Intelligence Facilitators!

Cultural intelligence is the foundation of communicating and cooperating successfully across different cultures. When communicating and cooperating across cultures we tend to look at and interpret what people from other cultures do through our own “cultural glasses”, often leading to a biased view and judgements about what is right and wrong. Continue reading