Congratulations to our Sales Manager Frederik Åkesson!

In recognition of an impressive hockey career and a dedicated player on the Danish national hockey team, Frederik Åkesson was inducted to Danish Hockey’s Hall of Fame on June 9th 2017. The award was provided by the Danish Hockey Union at the Danish Hockey Awards 2017 in Herning Congress Center.  Continue reading

Congratulations to our delivery managers Halyna Shporlyuk and Zoriana Drapaylo and VP of Global Delivery Line Milthers, who are now certified Cultural Intelligence Facilitators!

Cultural intelligence is the foundation of communicating and cooperating successfully across different cultures. When communicating and cooperating across cultures we tend to look at and interpret what people from other cultures do through our own “cultural glasses”, often leading to a biased view and judgements about what is right and wrong. Continue reading

Are you planning to find the right IT specialists abroad? Or are you outsourcing already?

Either way, we are confident that ITB’s next seminar is beneficiary for you. On Thursday May 4th, the Danish IT Industry Association and Conscensia focus on how to handle the legal aspects, the supplier relationship and the cultural differences, when you cooperate with foreign businesses. Continue reading

IntraVision is a Danish company, which specializes in calendar and planning software for IBM and Microsoft platforms. One of their very successful planning products called OnTime has more than 600,000 users worldwide.
IntraVision chose to outsource parts of their software development, because it is easier to find the right software developers abroad. CEO in IntraVision, Jens Overgaard Dinesen explains, “We needed a highly specialized software developer, and we wanted a process where we had several candidates to choose from. We were not looking for an ordinary software developer. It was a difficult IT candidate Conscensia had to find for us in Ukraine, but they succeeded.” Continue reading

Congratulations to Zoriana and Olena with their 10 years anniversary at Conscensia!

Zoriana and Olena were some of our first developers in Ukraine back in 2007, when they were hired to work for our first client Spar Nord Bank. It was a day full of celebration at the office in Lviv with flowers, gifts and naturally cake for everyone. Continue reading

Let me make one thing clear. This blog is not political. I have not become a member of a certain political party, just as I’m not either for or against nationalistic or protectionist industrial policies. On the contrary, I want to look at the choice between a Danish or a foreign outsourcing partner from a social responsibility perspective – what I call responsible sourcing.
You can buy sourcing services all over the world. It is especially suitable within IT development as the product is digital. Distances are irrelevant – differences in time zones can sometimes be an advantage. Programming language and processes are often so standardized that there may be a greater mental distance between the developers on different platforms, than between developers of different nationalities (and vice versa). Continue reading