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When, like us, you’re dealing with outsourcing of software development, you meet a lot of prejudice against outsourcing, and what it is like working with a foreign software team. In this series of articles, we dispel the myths, so that dialogue can happen based on a joint context.

It is crucial for Pragmasoft to have their outsourced employees totally integrated with the Danish teams. This is why Conscensia’s vast experience in the field and consultancy about best practice became deciding factors in Pragmasoft choosing Conscensia as their sourcing partner. Pragmasoft has been growing since the beginning of 2005, so when the IT development […]

When Danish companies have to work with employees from a country like Ukraine, we have a tendency to focus on them being different from us. But in the grand scheme of things, it is probably the Danish way to run a business that differs from the rest of Europe, and therefore, there is good reason […]

Conscensia has a low staff turnover at seven percent, because the company prioritises good working conditions for their employees, and options for professional development. It’s all about retaining the best brains to be able to offer clients the best possible value. There is an idea amongst many Danish companies that a high staff turnover is […]

Conscensia is now also able to service its clients from an office in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. On August 1st 2013, the company opened the new office, which right from the start contains all the service features that are in place today in Lviv. “We had an enquiry from a company who had a […]

When, like us, you work with outsourcing of software development, you constantly meet other people’s ideas and prejudices about what outsourcing is, and what it is like working with a foreign software team. In this series of articles, we dispel the myths, so that dialogue can happen based on a joint context.

A high degree of proactivity from the developers and reliable management of the whole outsourcing process from Conscensias Delivery Group are some of the reasons why Mikro Værkstedet has gained great value from its four-man development team in Ukraine. When a Danish company launches an IT development project where the crew is situated in an […]

Conscensia’s model for outsourcing is built up around dedicated teams – teams of developers working for one specific Danish client. This model has four big advantages for you as a client: You set the team yourself When you are working with a dedicated team of developers, it gives you the advantage of setting the team […]

Myth: Outsourcing is a black box into which you put specifications and receive code back. I have often met people in the IT-industry who told stories about how they “just borrowed 15 Indians from one of their colleagues who didn’t need them for the next couple of weeks”, and I have often heard the same […]

To create an organisation ready to handle several development centres around the world, Conscensia recently adjusted its internal organisation. Line Milthers, who has been Relations Manager until now, has become VP Global Delivery, meaning that she now has the managerial responsibility for deliveries from the development centre in Lviv.

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