Yearly Archives: 2020

We’re living in strange times for the IT industry meaning, inter alia, a couple of things: The need to work remotely is a new challenge. Working in a distributed setting doesn’t mean loss of productivity or less control. Knowing this opens up avenues of opportunity. Conscensia has been managing remote teams’ productivity for 14 years. […]

Article printed in IT ID Magazine, Lviv, Ukraine on April 28th, 2020 Halyna Shporlyuk, General Manager at Conscensia shares her vision of why being culturally educated is important as well as explains what it actually means. Halyna is Certified CQ Trainer by Living Institute, Denmark. She has 16 years of experience (7 of which are […]

When a company chooses Conscensia as their partner to get a development team abroad, many tasks are initiated. The client tells about the project, how many developers they need, what competencies the developers must have, etc. We advise on the composition of the developers, the start-up phase, the ongoing collaboration and conduct a Cultural Intelligence […]

Our everyday life was changed from one day to another at the beginning of March due to the Corona virus. There were many new personal restrictions, many people had to work from home, and physical meetings with our colleagues, client or partners were advised against. That can be a radical change for many people. However, […]

We are thrilled to announce that Halyna Shporlyuk has joined as General Manager at our Development Center in Ukraine. Halyna had a background in software development and QA when she joined Conscensia in 2013, and started working as a Delivery Manager. Later, Halyna was promoted to Delivery Director before accepting the offer to become Conscensia’s […]

An old curse says: “May you be living in interesting times”, and we dare say that we truely are. The Coronavirus pandemic is affecting every part of our lives; how we do business, how our kids go to school, how we relate to one another. For many this means learning by trial and error. For […]

We love anniversaries – especially when our Conscensia 10 Club is getting bigger and bigger. This week, our colleague Oleksandr celebrated his 10-year anniversary with us and our client Getinge. Oleksandr was celebrated with cake and presents by our COO Line Milthers and colleagues.