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We are a Danish business that helps companies find the best Ukrainian and Polish software developers for their development tasks and integrate the employees as their own.

Conscensia has a holistic view on outsourcing. It is all about people. Therefore, our focus is not only on competences, but also on personalities, as good personal chemistry is the best ingredient for a long-lasting relationship between our clients and their outsourced employees. People have to be motivated – and when we motivate our employees – we believe that our clients achieve success and value from outsourcing.

gazelle_2016The nomination as a Gazelle business in 2014, 2015 and 2016 shows that we have succeeded with our strategy to focus on our employees’ well-being. It also shows that we have clients that believe in our outsourcing model while achieving quality and value from our cooperation.

We achieve an improved economy when our employees are happy. Their well-being, comfort and pleasure of working affect our clients and the products they develop. In the end, it gives us a good business. Many outsourcing companies struggle with retention of the outsourced employees. We do not have this challenge; we prioritise our employees’ well-being so they are motivated for staying with Conscensia.

Hans Henrik von Platen-Hallermund, CEO Conscensia

Our development centers are sited in Lviv in Ukraine and in Warsaw in Poland, with a total of 175 employees.