Meet Khrystyna

Meet Khrystyna

Name: Khrystyna
Job position: HR specialist
Age: 31 years
Education/work experience: Masters Degree in International Economics
Residence: Lviv, Ukraine
Interests: All sorts of dancing and spending time with my friends
Joined Conscensia: 2014

1. Please describe the responsibilities in your current job position?

I find talented Ukrainian candidates for our clients’ development teams. It includes speaking to the client regarding the position, searching for candidates, sending relevant CVs to our clients, having internal interviews with candidates and later on job interviews with participation of both our client and candidate.

2. What do you like best about your job?

I have a very outgoing personality, so I really like the communicative aspect of my job. It is also very rewarding to me when our teams work well together and they have a good chemistry, both internally and with the client. When a client is hiring new developers for an existing team, it is crucial that we find developers, which match the existing team.

3. How would you describe Conscensia as a working place?

Conscensia has an excellent reputation in the Lviv market, especially due to the friendly atmosphere at our office and our working conditions and benefits. Just to mention a few of our benefits, we have compensated lunch, medical insurance (including spouse after 4 years), seniority program, English classes, company sports teams, company activities and short Fridays. It is important that our employees have a good balance between their work and private life, just as in Scandinavia.

4. What motivates you in your job?

Finding the right candidate for our clients is very satisfying; when you can feel that the client and candidate is a perfect match. A good candidate has many aspects; the required competences are essential – but also the soft skills (communication and language skills) and personality are important factors.

5. Why have you chosen to work for a Danish sourcing company?

I like working for a Danish company due to their attitude to people and their open mentality. Everything is open and transparent; you can ask questions, negotiate and discuss matters, which is very important to me.