At the beginning of September 2011, Morten Sylvest, Team Leader at Autocom, visited the company’s development team in Vietnam. He felt he came close to the developers, and the visit gave him an insight into Vietnamese culture and attitude to work.

Expert and flexible developers

Morten Sylvest describes the developers as primarily young people who had just completed their education: “They were surprisingly attentive to detail, and many of them were actually overqualified to carry out our assignment.” At the same time, customers only get the manpower they need, and that is all they pay for. “We could quite simply adjust the collaboration agreement all the time according to our needs,” Morten Sylvest explained.

Already a success with customers

At the moment, Autocom has a team of five in Vietnam, carrying out BPO assignments. Morten Sylvest considers the collaboration is already running successfully: “It is too expensive to buy electric solutions in Denmark, and at the same time they need a lot of maintenance. The running costs with the developers in Vietnam are low, and they are impressively stable and conscientious about working hours. They take a natural interest in the work, too.”
“I feel we are in safe hands with Conscensia – both as a customer and as a business. So I have no doubt that sometime in the future we will also have mobile solutions in the forms of apps for iOS and Android at the development centre,” he adds.

Pernille Hejle Pedersen
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