We are busting with pride that 11 of our developers have celebrated their 10 year anniversary with Conscensia this Fall. We are incredibly proud that we have created a workplace and a corporate culture, which makes our staff want to work for us and our customers for so many years.

Conscensia’s ability to retain our developers is naturally also a benefit to our customers. They get a stable development team where the developers thrive, are motivated and loyal. However, the success of retention is also a credit to our customers, as they give the developers exciting work assignments, while integrating them into their organisations. The combination of Conscensia’s and our customers’ efforts result in our great success in retaining our developers.

We have asked some of the developers why they have chosen to work for Conscensia in the last decade.

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Since 2006, Conscensia has helped businesses establish nearshore software development teams with the best Ukrainian or Polish software competences for their development tasks. Meaning, we find software developers matching our customers’ needs, assist in optimizing the cooperation and integrating the developers into the customer’s organisation, and we have created an attractive business culture at our development centers that makes our developers wanting to stay at our customer’s teams for many years.

Our success is especially evident this Fall, as we have celebrated 10 years anniversary with 2 clients; Systematic and Getinge. On both customer’s teams, we have developers who have worked on the teams for all 10 years. Now that is impressive, and something we are very proud of!
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Once again, we get the opportunity to congratulate a colleague with his 10 years anniversary! We are excited to welcome Andriy to our Conscensia 10 Club, which is our exclusive club consisting of colleagues who have worked for Conscensia for +10 years.

Andriy worked for our client Systematic for the first 6 years in Conscensia. For the past 4 years, Andriy has worked for our client Saxo, which is Denmark’s largest online bookstore. Continue reading

We are proud to welcome Nazar to our Conscensia 10 Club – as he celebrates 10 years with Conscensia.

Another impressive accomplishment is that Nazar has worked for our client Getinge for all 10 years!
Nazar has contributed greatly to our client’s QA department – and we are glad that he continues to be a valuable member on their nearshore development team in Ukraine. Continue reading

Time flies when you have a great partnership – full of exciting tasks – and have fun at the same time! During the past 10 years, Systematic and Conscensia have solved many development tasks together – and we look forward to continue our cooperation for many years to come.

Just to name a few facts – Systematic and Conscensia have:

• Worked on more than 20 projects together
• Had more than 15,000 daily stand-ups
• Had more than 1,500 joint internal demo sessions
• Had around 150 business trips from Aarhus to Ukraine
• 7 great Family Day celebrations

We are extremely proud of matching Systematic’s high standards in software development and processes from our development centers in Poland and Ukraine.

Check out our “Conscensia and Systematic 10 years anniversary” video – and learn why our developers enjoy working for Systematic!

We look forward to the next 10 years!


We are proud to announce our new partnership with OMhub, with Conscensia as the main developing partner for the OMhub platform.

OMhub’s Co-Founder, Andres Priede, tells about why they chose Conscensia as their development partner: “The reason why we decided to go with Conscensia is a combination of the following factors: Transparency, Flexibility and References. As early phase startup, we really appreciate Conscensia’s responsiveness and support finding a good candidate quite fast during uncertain times. In addition, we had access to the process every time and we have the total control, which is good. As a small company, we need reliable partners which are flexible and share the long term view of building something big together. Last but not least, we have got solid references from Conscensia in our business network.” Continue reading

Excellent news – our Conscensia 10 Club continues to expand! A huge congratulations to our software developers Ivan and Andriy for their 10 year anniversary at Conscensia.

Ivan has worked for our client Systematic for all 10 years, and is still highly valued by our client. Ivan is also an experienced team and scrum leader.

Andriy has also worked for our client Systematic for many years. Last year, he relocated to Warsaw in Poland to start up our new development center – and for the past 6 months he has worked as an architect/technical expert for a new Danish client. Continue reading

What a day to remember – another 10 year partnership with a customer!

We are extremely proud of our 10 year anniversary with our customer Getinge, which was celebrated in Aarhus, Copenhagen and Lviv!

On top of this – we also celebrated Oleksandr’s and Vasyl’s 10 year anniversary with Conscensia and Getinge. Conscensia recruited Oleksandr and Vasyl for Getinge’s development team 10 years ago – and they continue giving value and knowledge to our customer. We are grateful for their loyalty and value their dedication to Conscensia and Getinge during the past decade. We look forward to many more years!

We are pleased to announce that we have hired Hans Henrik von Platen-Hallermund as Conscensia’s new CEO. Hans Henrik comes from a position as director at Sanistål A/S, and he has previously worked in the IT sector as director at KMD and Fujitsu.

Hans Henrik states, “I look forward to developing Conscensia’s markets, where we help companies establish development teams with skilled software developers in Poland and Ukraine. When our customers have a development team at Conscensia, they get exactly the IT competences they need at a cost effective price, which improve their competitiveness. Conscensia has 14 years of experience in finding, integrating and retaining software developers for our customers, while we take care of all the practical things. It is a success because our customers get the software developers they need, so they can concentrate on their development team and development tasks. Conscensia helps with processes and team management, as well as all the practical things such as recruitment, onboarding, education, IT, premises, payroll administration, social events etc.”

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One of the questions we’re hearing from everywhere right now is “when will things be back to normal?”

For the last few months, we, like all of our clients and business contacts, have had one imperative: “Deliver as usual despite.” Deliver as usual was relatively simple to define: “Keep a real-time overview and be in the driving seat at all times”. So we got to thinking: as long as we can fulfill this prerequisite, let’s see if we can become more productive than we were in our one desk one chair life.

The office as a common working space was, is and will remain the focus of our working lives. However, we’re now seeing the working day, week, month as comprising different tasks and looking at how to use location pragmatically to facilitate greater productivity.

Broadly, we see 3 different scenarios; each of which has its own demands.

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