11May 2020

We’re living in strange times for the IT industry meaning, inter alia, a couple of things:

  • The need to work remotely is a new challenge. Working in a distributed setting doesn’t mean loss of productivity or less control. Knowing this opens up avenues of opportunity. Conscensia has been managing remote teams’ productivity for 14 years. If you have any questions on this topic, let us know and we will try to help.

The topic of opportunity brings us to our second point:

  • The two main reasons companies turn to us are:
    1. Capacity. The biggest driver to use our services has been lack of skills locally.
    2. Budgetary constraints. Some clients come to us to save money. Budgets are finite. If they shrink, businesses need to find ways to achieve the same results for less. Which is also something we’ve been doing for over 14 years.

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20Apr 2020

When a company chooses Conscensia as their partner to get a development team abroad, many tasks are initiated. The client tells about the project, how many developers they need, what competencies the developers must have, etc. We advise on the composition of the developers, the start-up phase, the ongoing collaboration and conduct a Cultural Intelligence workshop with the client, which prepares them for the collaboration.
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08Apr 2020

Our everyday life was changed from one day to another at the beginning of March due to the Corona virus. There were many new personal restrictions, many people had to work from home, and physical meetings with our colleagues, client or partners were advised against.

That can be a radical change for many people. However, the new everyday life is not so different for Conscensia and our clients. They are used to seeing and communicating with their development team virtually. Our clients are used to having online video meetings with their developers daily, although they may have offices in Copenhagen and the developers are located in Ukraine. In these times, it has been a huge advantage that all tools and processes for effective collaboration are in place – as it is the usual way of working for them. The only difference is that everyone now work from home.
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01Apr 2020

We are thrilled to announce that Halyna Shporlyuk has joined as General Manager at our Development Center in Ukraine.
Halyna had a background in software development and QA when she joined Conscensia in 2013, and started working as a Delivery Manager. Later, Halyna was promoted to Delivery Director before accepting the offer to become Conscensia’s General Manager in Ukraine.

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18Mar 2020

An old curse says: “May you be living in interesting times”, and we dare say that we truely are.

The Coronavirus pandemic is affecting every part of our lives; how we do business, how our kids go to school, how we relate to one another.

For many this means learning by trial and error. For us at Conscensia, working in a distributed setting rather than having everyone in one location is second nature; it is how we operate internally and how we cooperate with our clients everyday, so we might not be as cursed as others.

Naturally, as a responsible company we follow the recommendations of local authorities, which means these days we are a little more distributed than normal, since everyone is working from home irrespective of where they are: Denmark, Norway, Germany, Poland or Ukraine. Continue reading

02Mar 2020

We love anniversaries – especially when our Conscensia 10 Club is getting bigger and bigger.

This week, our colleague Oleksandr celebrated his 10-year anniversary with us and our client Getinge. Oleksandr was celebrated with cake and presents by our COO Line Milthers and colleagues. Continue reading

13Dec 2019

It is almost Christmas! In December, we turn up for the level of coziness at our development centers. Our developers become secret “elfs” for a short period of time, where they buy small gifts for each other.

The secrecy culminates in our annual Secret Santa Party, where all elfs are revealed, and gifts, apple slices and mulled wine are enjoyed. Every year, our Danish management looks forward to attend the party and wish all employees a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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24Oct 2019

It is important for both Conscensia and our developers that they have the opportunity to continuously develop their skills. To meet this need, we often organize events with technological content at our Lviv development center. The speakers can be external experts or own in-house experts in a specific field. The events are free and everyone is welcome to attend. Continue reading

22Oct 2019

We are proud to congratulate our colleague Ruslan on his 10th anniversary at Conscensia. Ruslan has worked for our customer Zentuvo for all 10 years.

This special day was celebrated on our roof terrace in Lviv with gifts for Ruslan and cake for all colleagues.

Thank you for your dedication and loyalty Ruslan – and welcome to the CSIA 10 Club!