Conscensia is now also able to service its clients from an office in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. On August 1st 2013, the company opened the new office, which right from the start contains all the service features that are in place today in Lviv.

“We had an enquiry from a company who had a number of developers in Kiev, but who wanted a better service than what they got from their previous business partner. They have now become Conscensia’s largest single client since their developers have moved over to us. So we already have a strong foundation on which to establish ourselves in Kiev,” says Olha Radzishevska, HR responsible at the Kiev office.

The new client is specialised within Microsoft Dynamics, and Conscensia is thereby also expanding on the technological front.

In the future, the office in Kiev will become an important part of Conscensia’s work with recruiting the best developers.

“There is very good recruiting potential in Lviv, but after all, Kiev is that much bigger a place, that there is an even broader basis for recruiting the right profiles for our clients here,” says Olha Radzishevska.

Pernille Hejle Pedersen
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