Nothing can stop Conscensia from participating in the yearly DHL Relay Race (5 x 5 km) in Aalborg, Denmark. As we were 2 runners short – our CEO Carsten Hansen and VP of Global Delivery Line Milthers took one for the team – and ran 2 rounds. Now that is team spirit!

We also met with a former Conscensia employee – Dmitriy Lalak. He used to work for Spar Nord at our development center in Lviv, Ukraine – now he works for Spar Nord at their office in Aalborg. Unfortunately, he could not run on our team this year, as Spar Nord needed him on their running team.

The DHL Relay Race is a huge sports event in Denmark, which takes place in 5 different regions of Denmark on various dates. In Aalborg, 17.00 people participated during the 3 days the DHL Relay Race was in in Aalborg. Last year, 206,850 people in Denmark ran the DHL Relay Race. Many Danish companies choose to run this race as a social and active event for their employees.

We have also participated in Lviv Half Marathon – read about it here


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