Kaare_webOn November 18th 2014, Conscensia sponsored ComputerWorld’s workshop ”How to Source”.
Kaare Jakobsen, head of IT development at Spar Nord Bank, made a presentation on the topic “Spar Nord’s IT development in Ukraine – a department abroad”. Spar Nord has been our client since we established our development center in Ukraine.

CIOs, CTOs and other decision makers learned about Spar Nord’s reasons for starting up a dedicated team of developers in Lviv back in 2007, with Conscensia as their sourcing partner. In his presentation, Kaare included details about the start up phase, the challenges and the results, which Spar Nord benefits from daily.

Furthermore, the participants learned about key focus areas for a company that decides to outsource their software development, advice on how to get started, and how the right sourcing partner will contribute to added value for the customers.

At the panel discussion and on the evaluation of the workshop, it was clear that Kaare gave a personal and well-presented speech on the benefits and value Spar Nord gets from their outsourced development in Ukraine.

If you are interested in reading more about Spar Nord’s journey towards getting a successful development team in Ukraine, please click here.

Pernille Hejle Pedersen
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