Cultural Intelligence Workshop

Cultural Intelligence Workshop


Cultural intelligence is the foundation of communicating and cooperating successfully across different cultures. Being cultural intelligent simply means that we are aware of our own “cultural glasses” and how they often lead to a biased view of and judgements about other cultures.
The basic principle behind the Cultural Intelligence Workshop is that there is no such thing as right or wrong. Rather, we are simply doing things differently in different cultures.


During the workshop, our starting point is to take a comparative approach. We work with a number of cultural parameters and look at how deeply engrained these parameters are within us. The participants will become aware of cultural differences, taking their own culture as the starting point, based on a joint conceptual framework that can express the challenges that exist between different cultures.
A prerequisite of the workshop is active involvement and completion as a mix of group work, exercises, games, reflection and dialogue – both mutually between the participants and between the instructor and the participants.


After completing the workshop, the participants have the tools to act in a cross-cultural cooperation and obtained a cultural insight into their own culture, helping them to avoid misunderstandings.
We recommend a workshop in Cultural Intelligence to our new clients in the start-up phase, giving them the best start in the cooperation with their new colleagues.

Any questions?

If you have any questions to the workshop, please feel free to contact Line Milthers, who is COO at Conscensia and one of our instructors of the workshop.