At North Securities, the developers in Ukraine and the employees in Denmark are seen as equal. Ensuring that they are involved – and a focus on socialising – has created great loyalty and a high level of proactivity from the outsourced team.

Once a year, North Securities invite their three Ukrainian employees on a trip to Pandrup in the North of Jutland in Denmark. The focal point is professional updating, but it is also about seeing each other face to face, conversing with each other and having a nice time with private dinner parties or an ice hockey match.
“We can feel it quite clearly in the time after one of these visits. Both in the general atmosphere, and in the understanding of the products we work with. You see, they get the opportunity to get to know us personally, and they get a concrete image of what we are working with. This gives us a more qualified input than what we could otherwise achieve,” Søren Reinewald, Operations Manager in North Securities explains.

Proactive developers
North Securities is behind Falck Sirius, a fleet management system that helps companies optimise their fuel use, perform preventative maintenance on vehicles and plan routes optimally.
North Securities has no IT-developers in-house, so the development of the company’s internal IT-systems has been handled by Conscensia since 2008.
“The primary reason is of course that we, through Conscensia, gain access to IT-developers at a whole other cost than in Denmark, without compromising on qualifications or quality of the work,” says Søren Reinewald who also appreciates the proactivity of his Ukrainian workers.
“It is important to us that they are able to alert us if they experience something that could be done in a better way. They are very autonomous in their working day, and they initiate things themselves to find better solutions,” he says.
From the start, North Securities has had a small team with Conscensia.
“Therefore, it was crucial that Conscensia could deliver the right personal profiles, and that they have good working conditions. If there was a high staff turnover on our team, we would experience problems, but this has not been the case – in five years, there have only been a few changes,” he explains.

The investment pays off
The stability of the team is down to North Securities themselves having focus on employee welfare, and to Conscensia’s facilitation team creating a good setting for collaboration.
“I feel that Conscensia is good at systemising things. We have talks every month where we do a follow-up on how the team is working, we have yearly staff development interviews and other such things,” explains Søren Reinewald.
He is in no doubt that investing in employee welfare pays off – even if the employees have their everyday workplace more than a thousand kilometers away.
“We get employees that are just as deeply committed as if they were in-house,” he says.
This commitment was, for example, evident in relation to one of the rare changes on the team, when the team leader changed jobs six months ago.
“It was almost with tears in his eyes that he left, and he used all his energy on handing over as well as possible to his successor – it felt like his baby that he was handing over. We have also heard that since then, he has called the team to ensure that everything is as it should be. This kind of loyalty is of great value to us,” says Søren Reinewald.

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