Once again, we get the opportunity to congratulate a colleague with his 10 years anniversary! We are excited to welcome Andriy to our Conscensia 10 Club, which is our exclusive club consisting of colleagues who have worked for Conscensia for +10 years.

Andriy worked for our client Systematic for the first 6 years in Conscensia. For the past 4 years, Andriy has worked for our client Saxo, which is Denmark’s largest online bookstore.

Unfortunately, we were not able to celebrate Andriy the usual way with all colleagues due to COVID-19. But we will always celebrate anniversaries with cake and presents.

Thanks to Andriy for the loyalty and brilliant work over the years – we look forward to many more years of innovative software development.

Pernille Hejle Pedersen
About Pernille Hejle Pedersen

Marketing Coordinator/PA, Conscensia, pep@conscensia.com