The history of Conscensia

Back in 2006, our former owner Celenia, who specialised in Microsoft Dynamics, experienced a demand for other types of software development. Instead of adding a new business area to their current business, Celenia chose to establish a subsidiary named Conscensia in mid-2006. The head of developement and the first employee visited various cities in Eastern Europe in order to find the perfect location for Consencensia’s first office. The winner was Lviv in Ukraine.


Our first client – Spar Nord Bank – joined us back in 2006. Since our office was not in place, the job interviews with candidates were held at a hotel in Lviv. Early on, we hired an intern, who handled the recruitment process and that was the beginning of one of the most important areas in Conscensia: HR


Spar Nord’s team started working in a temporary office in the beginning of 2007. As the year passed by, several new clients and employees joined us and from the beginning Conscensia succeeded in builing a work ethic where all employees contributed. By joining forces, we opened our first official office in Lviv by the end of 2007.


In 2008 the financial crisis hit our newly established business and we had to let a big client go. We worked really hard to reposition this client’s developers. Luckily, several of our existing clients wanted to expand their projects, so we found new positions for most of the developers.


Except the loss of a client, we pulled through 2008 – and doing it so well that Celenia chose to sell us in 2009. Big, strong and ready to stand on our own feet, we are ready to enter 2010.


In 2010 we get two important clients – including Systematic – and our success gives us the luxury of saying “welcome” to many new employees.


In 2011 we can celebrate employee number 100 – and later in the year – we reach employee number 150. We are extremely busy, as we sign several new clients, among others Kamstrup.


In 2012, we need extra office space for all our new employees, so we move to a new office. Our cooperation with Systematic is intensified when they acquire 25% of Conscensia, as sourcing is an important part of their business.


In the Summer of 2013 we open a new sourcing destination in Ukraine – in the capital Kiev. The remaining of the year is influenced by the unrest in Ukraine, which forces us to take specific actions. We make a plan for our employees’ participation in the demonstrations and a backup plan, if the internet is closed in Ukraine.


As we enter 2014, the unrest in Ukraine is very intense. Even though the riots is covered heavily by the media, we still welcome new clients and the every-day life of our employees continues. We go through an organisational restructure in our company and we appoint a new general manager in Ukraine. We end the year with a Gazelle statue.


What an exciting year for Conscensia; we expand our sales department in Scandinavia by hiring a Country Manager in Norway, our Lviv development center moves in new and modern facilities, we are busy preparing the opening of our new Romanian development center, and we end the year with a Gazelle statue for the second year in a row.


We celebrate our 10 years anniversary! On top of that, we are also very proud of our 10 years anniversary with our first client Spar Nord Bank, who still has their dedicated development team in our office in Lviv, Ukraine. We end the year with a Gazelle statue for the third year in a row.


We focus on educating our staff, and now we also offer our clients training in cultural intelligence and training/coaching in SCRUM processes and techniques. Our ability to retain our talented staff was a proven fact, as 3 of our employees celebrated their 10 year anniversary at Conscensia.


This year we have several 10 year anniversaries among our developers, which benefits our clients and ensures that domain knowledge stays on the team. We also spoke at various events in. e.g. Berlin, Lviv, Copenhagen and Aalborg about how Conscensia can help with nearshore software development and cultural intelligence.