Meet Nazar

Meet Nazar

Name: Nazar
Job position: QA engineer
Age: 34 years
Education/work experience: Master Degree in applied mathematics and informatics
Residence: Lviv, Ukraine
Interests: I play football, ride bicycle and travel. Recently I started training my drone flying skills and solving mathematical puzzles. I really like travelling to Copenhagen, and I have been there 4 times.
Joined Conscensia: 2010

1. Please describe the responsibilities in your current job position?

I have both technical and management tasks for our Danish client. As I’m the lead QA on our development team, I create code to test code via test automation tools, as well as I train the QA juniors on our team. Soft skills are important, such as being a team player, having good English and communication skills. Especially when we have technical meetings with the Danish developers.

2. What do you like best about your job?

There are many things I like about my job. I like to train and mentor the juniors on our team, to see their progress and development is a great satisfaction. On the other hand, it is also important for me to keep improving my QA competency skills. I’m also the lead of the QA Competency Group in Conscensia, where we have technical evaluations of the QA employees in Conscensia, as well as we have a technical community with talks about software quality and knowledge sharing, especially when someone have attended conferences within the software testing field.

3. How would you describe Conscensia as a working place?

Conscensia offers a competitive salary and a good set of benefits, including medical insurance, which is not common practice in Ukraine. I enjoy the friendly atmosphere in the office where all employees are treated as equals.

4. What motivates you in your job?

It is always great when you get good feedback from your client, but appreciation from my colleagues are also important. My training and mentor tasks are also very rewarding to me. Sometimes, I also give presentations to potential clients, which I also enjoy very much.

5. Why have you chosen to work for a Danish sourcing company?

Conscensia has good working conditions for their employees, e.g. a seniority program, where your loyalty is rewarded with benefits such as extra vacation days. The working hours are also great as there is only a 1-hour time difference to our Danish client. Conscensia is a very stable company, and I will definitely recommend Conscensia to my friends.