Conscensia’s model for outsourcing is built up around dedicated teams – teams of developers working for one specific Danish client. This model has four big advantages for you as a client:

You set the team yourself
When you are working with a dedicated team of developers, it gives you the advantage of setting the team that you would like working for you, yourself.
Conscensia searches the market for the right profiles, and in close collaboration with you chooses the right candidates.
At the same time, Conscensia ensures a high level of employee satisfaction – for example through training opportunities – so that employees stay with Conscensia, and continuity in the work is ensured. Continue reading

Myth: Outsourcing is a black box into which you put specifications and receive code back.

I have often met people in the IT-industry who told stories about how they “just borrowed 15 Indians from one of their colleagues who didn’t need them for the next couple of weeks”, and I have often heard the same people talk about their problems with getting the level of efficiency out of their outsourcing that they had hoped for. Continue reading

To create an organisation ready to handle several development centres around the world, Conscensia recently adjusted its internal organisation.

Line Milthers, who has been Relations Manager until now, has become VP Global Delivery, meaning that she now has the managerial responsibility for deliveries from the development centre in Lviv. Continue reading

Because the quality is high
Conscensia’s office in Ukraine is situated in Lviv which is home to 25,000-30,000 IT-educated citizens, and thanks to the town’s universities, 1,000 new candidates graduate every year. This obviously creates a unique foundation for recruitment of IT-specialists at a high level. All Conscensia’s employees have a masters in computer science.
The two universities that Conscensia recruits from are placed at respectively number 1 and number 9 on the list of the best universities in Ukraine, so the candidates come from the top of their class. Continue reading

At North Securities, the developers in Ukraine and the employees in Denmark are seen as equal. Ensuring that they are involved – and a focus on socialising – has created great loyalty and a high level of proactivity from the outsourced team.

Once a year, North Securities invite their three Ukrainian employees on a trip to Pandrup in the North of Jutland in Denmark. The focal point is professional updating, but it is also about seeing each other face to face, conversing with each other and having a nice time with private dinner parties or an ice hockey match. Continue reading