Csia_medarbejdere_700x500_5We are pleased to announce the appointment of Ole Aarøe to Sales Manager at Conscensia, where he will maintain and develop the corporation with our clients, as well as introducing our services to potential new clients in Denmark. Ole will work from our office in Glostrup, in the Copenhagen area. Continue reading

Csia_medarbejdere_700x500_10Over the last few months, we have enhanced our Ukrainian organisation with 1 new hire and 1 promotion.

Nataliya Kyrnychna has been appointed General Manager and she will work from our Lviv office. Nataliya will also visit our Kiev office from time to time, so our employees in the capital can enjoy Nataliya’s company as well. Continue reading

I often meet the assumption that a sourcing partner is an additional expense that diminishes the economic advantage of outsourcing the software development. It is not an unreasonable thought, because how can it become an economic advantage to add an extra supplier that also have to make a profit? Moreover, when is a company better off arranging the outsourcing themselves?
In the following, I will explain some of the services a sourcing partner handles, as well as explaining when a sourcing partner is more likely to handle the software development better than the company themselves, and which type of projects a company might be better of handling themselves. Continue reading

Based on several of the comments I receive on my blogs, many people associate outsourcing of software development to black boxes: Black boxes – or predefined projects – are sent to a company somewhere in the world, and after a period of time, you will receive the finished software. The type of software development I focus on in my blogs is outsourcing of distributed software development with dedicated teams, as this is the type of outsourcing I have worked with in the past 8 years in Conscensia. What is the difference between the two types of outsourcing and how do you choose one over the other? In my opinion, you have to look at your company’s maturity and the level of details in your specification. Continue reading

Domain knowledge is the knowledge on how to use the software you have developed. Who are the users of the software, what are their needs, what do they achieving from using the software etc. It is virtually impossible to develop the right solution, if you do not have access to the domain knowledge. The development process will definitely slow down, as the team often will have to ask others for advice. Continue reading

When, like us, you’re dealing with outsourcing of software development, you meet a lot of prejudice against outsourcing, and what it is like working with a foreign software team. In this series of articles, we dispel the myths, so that dialogue can happen based on a joint context. Continue reading