It is important for both Conscensia and our developers that they have the opportunity to continuously develop their skills. To meet this need, we often organize events with technological content at our Lviv development center. The speakers can be external experts or own in-house experts in a specific field. The events are free and everyone is welcome to attend. Continue reading

We are proud to congratulate our colleague Ruslan on his 10th anniversary at Conscensia. Ruslan has worked for our customer Zentuvo for all 10 years.

This special day was celebrated on our roof terrace in Lviv with gifts for Ruslan and cake for all colleagues.

Thank you for your dedication and loyalty Ruslan – and welcome to the CSIA 10 Club!

In September, Conscensia celebrated its 13th birthday. A lot has happened since we started with our first customer and established a development center in Lviv in Ukraine in 2006. And yet – our first customer Spar Nord still has a development team at Conscensia – and has been with us throughout the journey. Continue reading

IT ArenaFor the sixth consecutive year, developers, investors, entrepreneurs and IT companies will come to Lviv to participate in the IT Arena on 27-29 September 2019.

IT Arena is the largest IT conference in Eastern Europe with more than 4,000 participants, 100+ speakers and 50+ startups. Among the presenters are Microsoft, Zalando, Audi, Spotify and IBM.
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We have just celebrated another 2 x 10 year anniversaries at Conscensia.

Olha and Ihor were celebrated with cake, balloons, speeches and presents at their special day. We are proud to have such loyal and dedicated employees, which is beneficiary for both Conscensia and our clients. 

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