Outsourcing model

Your Own Development Team in Ukraine or Poland

outsourcing model

Conscensia’s outsourcing model is based on what we call Responsible Sourcing – meaning we source our employees in an orderly and responsible manner. To us, Responsible Sourcing is about humanity – that all parties take responsibility and behave properly and equally in all relations.

Responsible Sourcing is the base for Conscensia’s outsourcing model. You cooperate with dedicated teams of permanent employees, who only work for you. Our employees work from our development center in Ukraine or Poland, where we take care of HR, facilities, and all administrative work. Leaving you free to focus on managing your software development projects.

  • We find your next software developers with the competences your business needs
  • We integrate your new employees with the rest of your organisation
  • We retain your developers, so competences and knowledge remain in your team.

A partnership with Conscensia means:

  • You get the software development competences you want.
  • You get your own dedicated development team.
  • You spent your time managing the development projects, while we handle all practicalities.
  • You get an economic agreement which improves your competitiveness.