Nearshore Outsourcing in Ukraine and Poland


In a perfect world, software development companies have all the ressources and software development competences they need to help them grow and to increase profit. Unfortunately, that is not the reality of the IT-industry today. Talented software developers with the required competences can be difficult to find and retain. What’s more, the workload can change from one minute to the next, making it difficult to mange workstreams. Outsourcing is not a question of delivering cheap work labour. Outsourcing is about delivering quality and value at the right price.

Sourcing of software development is the perfect solution for growth companies, who are challenged with costs for new hires, salaries,  difficulities in finding software developers with the required competences, or other obstacles.

For the past 14 years, Conscensia has helped many companies establish a development team in Ukraine and Poland, you can read about some of our clients here. Let us help you too – read more about our outsourcing model here.

We find, integrate and retain your software developers.