Kamstrup A/S develops and manufactures intelligent consumption meters, including electronic heat, electricity and household water meters, with the appropriate meter-reading systems for utility companies around the world. Kamstrup A/S was founded by Olaf Kamstrup in 1946. The family owned it until 1990, when Olieselskabet Danmark (OK) bought it. Today, Kamstrup has its own offices and companies in 24 countries.

In the spring of 2011, the well-established Danish company Kamstrup A/S entered into collaboration with Conscensia. With constant focus on growth through product development, Kamstrup A/S considers outsourcing to be a natural step on the way to lasting success.

The collaboration was from the beginning characterised by high efficiency and productivity. Only a month and a half after Kamstrup A/S signed the contract with Conscensia, the new development team was up and running on full speed.

In consultation with Conscensia’s HR department, we chose to go straight in and say: from day one, we are going to start working on the task we have to carry out, instead of spending a lot of time on introduction meetings. That is what I call impressive, especially when we are dealing with a concept with as many shades of meaning as outsourcing.

Henrik Mørck Mogensen, Technology manager at Kamstrup


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