Spar Nord

Spar Nord

Spar Nord Bank is one of the largest banks in Denmark. They have 360.000 customers, 71 departments and approx. 1500 employees. Their focus areas include services for companies, trade, the financial market and they have an international division. Even during the financial crisis, the bank earned three digit million profits, and in 2013, they made a profit of 670 million DKK before tax.

With Conscensia as their sourcing partner, Spar Nord found the perfect solution to their recruitment challenges back in 2006. Today, Spar Nord has a dedicated team of developers, who are all specialised in developing on the SAS Business Intelligence (BI) platform. Their choice to outsource became a successful expansion of their in-house resources and competences, where knowledge and experience stays within the company.

There are plenty of highly skilled developers in Ukraine and Conscensia finds talented candidates for our interviews. Our 12 developers in L’viv are proud to a part of Spar Nord, and we are very proud to have them on our team. They are so tightly integrated with Spar Nord that they are just as much Spar Nord employees, as the developers we have here in Denmark.

Kaare Jakobsen, Head of IT development at Spar Nord.

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