zentuvo is Scandinavia’s leading supplier of professional photo services for e.g. the real estate industry. zentuvo has a network of professional photographers, who are ready to visualise visions of new constructions and presentations of houses.

The Norwegian company zentuvo has used Conscensia as a sourcing partner since 2008. Today, they have six developers in our development centre in L’viv in Ukraine.

Right from the start, Conscensia took over the development of zentuvo’s it-platform, which e.g. covers control of photos and drawings and invoicing from client to photographer. Since then, Conscensia has also taken over system surveillance and 24-hour support on zentuvo’s servers. The most important thing for us is that Conscensia has delivered a pro-active and solution-oriented team, which we integrated with our existing organisation.

André Ruud, CIO at zentuvo

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