Responsible Sourcing

Responsible Sourcing

Outsourcing is a long-term, strategic decision that must be done properly. It is important to want to work together and on the project, as well as allocate the appropriate time and resources. At Conscensia, we call this responsible sourcing.

Outsourcing is a long-term, strategic cooperation

We are a Danish company with 14 years of experience with helping companies to find the best software competences for their development tasks and integrate and retain the company’s own employees.

Outsourcing provides access to the right competences

We provide you with software developers who are 100% dedicated to your project, and who match your company and your project with both professional competences and human qualities. Good chemistry is the best way to ensure long-lasting cooperation.

Outsourcing is about how we treat each other and respect in all relationships

At our development centres in Lviv (Ukraine) and Warzsawa (Poland), we have a Scandinavian company culture and
management style that focuses on personal development and work-life balance, and we have a very low employee turnover rate.

Outsourcing is an integrated part of your business

We ensure that outsourcing takes place in complete conformity with your company’s other activities and functions, and that all requirements are met with regard to compliance and legislation.

Conscensia is your outsourcing partner. We work carefully and thoroughly, and are dedicated to ensuring that you become completely familiar with all aspects of outsourcing.