Myth: Outsourcing is a black box into which you put specifications and receive code back.

I have often met people in the IT-industry who told stories about how they “just borrowed 15 Indians from one of their colleagues who didn’t need them for the next couple of weeks”, and I have often heard the same people talk about their problems with getting the level of efficiency out of their outsourcing that they had hoped for.

But is it really surprising that efficiency is not top notch if you view your outsourced developers only as “machines” with some technical skills? As a black box where you can input something in one end, and just expect to wait for the correct result to come out the other end?

No, it isn’t really, is it? You are dealing with people, and there are therefore many factors to focus on:

  • What are their individual strengths?
  • Who works well with whom?
  • Who works best with the Danish part of the team?
  • Who is most passionate about certain types of tasks?
  • Who possesses the right expertise for the task?

At Conscensia, we recruit people based on both their personal and technical competences, and we test our candidates’ skills in both areas before we start offering them as regular attached developers to our clients.
We put considerable focus on them functioning well together as a team, both internally at our development centre in Lviv, and in correlation with the client they work for regularly.
We believe that this is the right way to do things, and it has indeed turned out to create an immensely high efficiency and a really good return for our clients.

Pernille Hejle Pedersen
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