Systematic: Close dialogue creates huge value

CASE: “Close dialogue creates huge value”systematic

With Conscensia as their sourcing partner, outsourcing has become an important part of Systematic’s strategy. Especially Conscensia’s ability to nurture the collaboration has ensured that the outsourcing became a success, says Morten Granum from Systematic.

Since the software business Systematic tested Conscensia as a sourcing partner on a pilot project with 4-5 developers back in 2010, the collaboration has evolved rapidly. Today, Systematic has about 40 developers at Conscensia’s office in Lviv in Ukraine.
”It is a clear sign of how we deliberately use outsourcing, when we want to expand our activities. It gives us reasonable costs and helps us manage workloads in manner, which makes us less vulnerable than if we had to hire the employees ourselves,” says Morten Granum, who is Vice President i Systematic.

Focus on collaboration

Systematic has a close collaboration with Conscensia, and the ability to nurture a collaboration and manage challenges before they turn into problems, are according to Morten Granum one of Conscensia’s strengths
”It gives us huge value to have a close collaboration with Conscensia’s Relationship Manager in Denmark. Even though the collaboration is running smoothly, there can be minor issues, which we cannot understand. In such cases, it is a great advantage to have someone we can call, someone who understands both the Danish and the Ukrainian culture and ask her to look into the matter. It could be an employee who does not perform as well for a period or it can a positive matter, if we want to know how we can show appreciation for a job well done,” says Morten Granum.
Besides the on-going dialogues that keeps the daily operations on track, Systematic has meetings with Conscensia’s Relationship Manager and CEO at least once per quarter for a status and to evolve the collaboration.
”We are on a journey here – it has only been 2 years since we started outsourcing, so we are very open about our experiences to find areas which we can improve,” says Morten Granum, who declares the transition from start-up to operating as “painless.”

Talented developers

Systematic uses the SCRUM principles and CMMI level 5, therefore, it has been important to find some developers in Ukraine, who can work with these principles and have the right language skills and competences.
”We are many skilled employees in Systematic, so outsourcing only works for us, because Conscensia is able to recruit some really talented developers,” says Morten Granum, who also highlight the HR department as one of Conscensia’s strengths.
”Conscensia has a professional HR-system, which we have access to. It gives us great value, to be able to monitor Conscensia’s evaluation of the employees, so we can contribute with our suggestion for developing their skills,” he says.

New adventures awaits

Systematic uses outsourced developers for both new projects and on projects, which has been on-going for years.
”On the new projects, we can see that the developers in Ukraine are just as efficient as our Danish developers. On existing projects, it takes a little bit longer to gain the same efficiency. But there would also be a run-in period, if we had to hire a Danish developer to a project, which was up and running,” says Morten Granum, who is confident that the cooperation with Conscensia creates value for Systematic.
”Naturally, the hourly wage is attractive, but it also influence how self-sufficient we have to be – and it gives us access to a pool of developers with competences , which we do not always have at our office in Aarhus. Our expectations have been fulfilled and we believe we can increase the volume in the future,” says Morten Granum and continues:
”Conscensia is an excellent outsourcing partner, who we want to continue to use. We value the insight Conscensia has to the Danish and the Ukrainian culture, and it also important to us that they continue to evolve. For example by establishing a department in Vietnam. That is very important to us, as it gives us new opportunities.”