Visit Lviv



In your fight to get your software development done, you probably have more options than you realize. See what it looks like when its done properly and use the opportunity to explore the charming surroundings in the city of Lviv in Ukraine; also known as “Little Paris of the East”.

Conscensia will take you on an eventful trip, combining professional IT presentations with cultural experiences.

On the trip you will:

  • Learn to operate from altitude: “Sourcing from a high level perspective”. As befits the lofty subject, the presentation will take place at High Hill Castle
  • Combine lunch in the center of beautiful Lviv with a provocative presentation on why “Specifications are dead”
  • Get a tour of Conscensia’s development center in Lviv
  • “Scrum, the fight for better practices” will be brought to you from the famous beer museum
  • Be introduced to our sourcing and delivery model

There will be networking at one of Lviv’s many independent cult cafes, where the scent of freshly ground coffee beans creates an ideal atmosphere for exchanging ideas and experience with others in the IT industry.

Price: € 200, which includes 2 x nights on a 4*hotel, all meals, presentations etc.

Transportation: You choose, order and pay for the flight ticket.

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If you want to hear more about the trip and departure date, please contact Regional Sales Director Vincent Pearson.

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