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There is a huge recruitment potential in Ukraine and Poland. This is because there are plenty of talented, ambitious and highly educated software developers, often with many years of experience. Conscensia knows where to find them. We have detailed local knowledge of the country’s businesses and universities, as well as an extensive network in Ukraine. We spot the talents and carefully match their personalities to the needs of your company. This ensures that you get to interview the best-qualified candidates. And you pay nothing for the recruitment process!

  • You benefit from software developers who are just as talented as your local developers.
  • You minimize the risk of unsuccessful hires.
  • You get dedicated employees, but as a variable cost.
  • You get a flexible contract that enables you to adjust your workforce to match your workload.

The quality of talented IT resources in Lviv is fully compatible with Western Europe. For a European business, Lviv and Warsaw have an inexhaustible supply of IT professionals.

Kaare Jakobsen, Head of IT development at Spar Nord Bank