We integrate

We integrate…

we integrate

Even though your software developers work from Conscensia’s development center in Ukraine or in Poland, you benefit from having your own team, dedicated to your company. We help you fully integrate your nearshore developers in your corporate culture by creating a solid team with good chemistry and integrating them with your in-house team. We build bridges across cultures by educating both your in-house and outsourced employees in cultural differences. In addition, you have a Delivery Manager to help you set up and manage the necessary processes.

  • You get efficient, highly motivated development teams.
  • You get the right set-up for developers, so you can focus on your software development.
  • You minimize the risk of misunderstandings and delays – no employee says “yes” without understanding the task.

Our Ukrainian developers are on equal footing with our Danish developers – they participate in the same meetings and they have equivalent influence in the development process. Just as if we had a second department in Denmark.

Philip Dahlstrøm, CTO at Saxo