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We retain…


Both development centers have excellent HR departments. Besides taking care of all the practicalities of salary, tax and pension, they also ensure proper work conditions, including regular employee development reviews, benefits and more. Your employees will be motivated and challenged individually and you will experience true team spirit from both Conscensia and your own employees. Many of our clients report that their outsourced employees have no desire to work for anyone else.

  • You enjoy minimized employee replacement and high efficiency.
  • You benefit from knowledge that stays on the project and in the team.
  • You get the opportunity to build the same domain knowledge as in an in-house team.
  • You get more value for the same money!

Conscensia deserve recognition for their HR department and their processes. They are a sourcing partner that goes beyond recruiting employees. They challenge us in areas such as team composition and they analyze our needs.

Morten Granum, Group Senior Vice President, Delivery & Services at Systematic