When, like us, you work with outsourcing of software development, you constantly meet other people’s ideas and prejudices about what outsourcing is, and what it is like working with a foreign software team. In this series of articles, we dispel the myths, so that dialogue can happen based on a joint context.

Myth: It only makes sense to outsource large teams.   

When I speak about outsourcing in different connections in Denmark, I often hear the comment that it only pays to outsource if you have a very large team.

If I then enter into further dialogue about the background of that perception, I often hear the argument that to build up adequate knowledge and quality in a software team abroad, that team must be of a certain size, and it takes a lot of effort for the Danish part of the team.

But is that really the truth? No, is my reply without hesitation. When you use Conscensia’s model with closely integrated teams that are headhunted with your exact needs as a client, then you can easily build knowledge and quality in small teams. At the same time, our model means that we have a very low staff turnover, so as a client, you can be certain that the knowledge you build in your team doesn’t just stay intact, but is also constantly being built upon.

In last months news, you can read a case story about our client, Mikro Værkstedet, who has built so much quality and knowledge in their four-man team that this team has become a priceless part of Mikro Værkstedet’s business of developing interactive multimedia for children with learning disabilities. A team that understands what it is part of, and that naturally challenges and refines the boundaries for both the product, and the collaboration that the product is developed within.

Pernille Hejle Pedersen
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